About us

Samosa !!! Samosa is a six letter word filled with flavors and fervours. Although samosa is one snack that has paved its way through every Indian household, you would be surprised to know that it doesn't have Indian origin! Shocker, right? This is one food that has traveled far and wide and has left its footprints along the way. From Egypt to Libya and from Central Asia to India.

Whatever the origin is, the Indian flavors are overflowing in this neatly packed, stuffed triangular savory goodness !! The aroma, dashing colors, variants are all just irresistibly yummy!

Your office colleagues to college best friends, your school friends to your badminton team, your family get together to kids play party or your apartment kitty party, family get-together or simple, humble hot samosa and chai on a rainy evening; Allow us to make all your meetings, celebrations extra special with our wide variety of samosas and authentic chutney.

We, at samosa theory also want to go easy on your pockets. So, they are so reasonable for the authentic and traditional taste that we promise to deliver!!

So, what are you waiting for? Come indulge in the piping hot samosas with us